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Periodontal Laser Treatment

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With today’s technology, lasers can now be used to treat gum diseases. Whether your gum disease is caused by poor oral hygiene, genes, chronic illness like diabetes or medication, periodontal laser treatment can help cure your gum disease so you can improve your oral health.

Unlike traditional methods used to treat gum conditions, laser treatment is less invasive, thereby minimizing the bleeding, pain, and swelling you may experience. It also does not require local anesthesia or sedative, and it targets the concerned area more precisely and accurately. It also gives better and longer lasting results.

With proper post-treatment dental care and good oral hygiene, periodontal laser treatment is a very effective way to restore your gums and teeth to their natural and healthy condition. This is the reason why we usually recommend this treatment to our patients here at Forever Smiles Turlock.

The Procedure

“The procedure usually requires only one visit to our office here in Turlock, CA. And since the treatment is less invasive, you will feel less pain and discomfort after the procedure as compared to other treatment methods.

The healing process for this treatment is shorter compared to other treatments for gum disease. You can go back to your daily routine after a day. Like any other treatment, it is important to have good oral hygiene to avoid the reoccurrence of gum disease.

If you have any questions or concerns about this treatment, or you would like to schedule a consultation with our dentist, you can call our office at (209) 500-1234. Our office is located at 1850 Colorado, Ave., Turlock, CA 95382.

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