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Porcelain Veneers

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Porcelain veneers are dental treatments your dentist will recommend for cosmetic purposes. Veneers bond to your teeth to improve their appearance. They are thin shells made out mostly of porcelain.

Veneers and cosmetic bonding have the same purposes. Either treatment may be used to fix the appearance of crooked or chipped teeth, adjust tooth length and width, or replace stained teeth with a whitened look. Compared to cosmetic bonding, veneers may require a more invasive procedure, but they can also last longer.

Depending on the condition of your teeth, your dentist may also offer the use of Lumineers, a thinner kind of veneer.

Forever Smiles Turlock in Turlock, CA offers porcelain veneers and Lumineers to patients as one of the treatment options for getting the best smile they can have, for a longer time.

About Porcelain Veneers

A patient needs up to three consultations to have a veneer. The initial consultation is used by your dentist to determine the condition of your teeth and the number of teeth which would require treatment.

An X-ray may then be done as necessary, to provide additional information relevant to the making of your veneer.

For the second consultation, local anesthesia will be applied before your dentist shaves off a minuscule amount from the enamel of the tooth that wi ll receive the porcelain veneer. Ordinarily only about ½ millimeter of shaving will be done.

Next, an impression of your teeth will be done and sent to a laboratory. The impression will be the basis for the making of the veneer. Laboratory work in this regard will usually take one or two weeks to finish.

Your third consultation is when your veneer is fitted and checked for color against your other teeth. Should adjustments as to fit and color be necessary, your dentist can do minor changes.

If your finished veneer fits well and the color matches that of your natural teeth, then the procedure is close to being completed. Ordinarily, there is no need for reshaping or adjusting the color.

The final steps are simple and quick. Your teeth are cleaned and polished. A bit of etching follows, then the adhesive is placed, and your porcelain veneer is bonded to your tooth.

Ultraviolet light will be used for bond hardening. Once hardened, any dental debris left in your mouth is cleared. The procedure is then complete.

Lumineers only require two dental consultations. The first consultation is spent on examining your teeth, determining fit and color, and making an impression.

The second consultation is spent on applying the Lumineer without the need for anesthesia and enamel etching.

You can discuss with your dentist which option would be best for you. To schedule your appointment,please call (209) 500-1234. Our office is located at 1850 Colorado, Ave., Turlock, CA 95382.

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